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Setting the Standard in Equine Massage

The EquiTouch System of equine massage involves the "whole horse." We don't believe in teaching "bits and pieces" of equine massage with no solid foundation. So we combined several unique methods of touch, equine bodywork and massage as well as exercise physiology with in-depth anatomy instruction to create an exceptional course. When combined, our methods form a complete and remarkable system of working with the horse.

We are proud of our program and take pride in over 45 years of combined equine massage, bodywork, reconditioning and remedial training that stands behind our current methods and system of instruction. There is no other program like EquiTouch®. You will learn individualized, unique, and effective methods of applying massage and bodywork to your horse. You will learn how to make each equine massage session fit the individual horse, its exercise⁄conditioning program, its personality and its emotional and physical needs. You will also discover that our methods prove far more effective than a simple, step-by-step "pattern" or routine.

About Massage

Massage has been used on people, horses, and other animals for literally thousands of years and was used by the ancient Chinese on animals as well as people, as early as 3000 B.C. Regardless of who developed the initial "rubdown," massage for horses has gained popularity because of many horse owners' increased interest in adjunctive therapies, and interest in the natural holistic health alternatives such as naturopathy and herbal remedies.

Massage is helpful when muscle tissue becomes tight and knotted from overuse and over-stretching. If a muscle cannot fully contract or fully release from a contracted state, the horse cannot move properly. The end result is pain, restricted motion, and an unavoidable decrease in fitness. Circulation becomes impaired and healing cannot take place efficiently. As a result, the horse may be unable to perform at the expected level.

Massage is said to help increase blood and lymph circulation, release muscles from spasm, and promote overall relaxation which contributes to health. Even anxiety and fatigue can be reduced through the proper use of massage techniques. Sports massage is used both pre- and post-event, primarily as a preventive to severe muscle strain or injury. When a muscle injury cannot be avoided, time and nature provide the actual healing. However massage, properly applied under veterinary guidance, will help speed up the natural healing process.

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