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Setting the Standard in Equine Massage

Anatomy Primer 1
Equine Anatomy Home Study Course - 60 hours.
Must be completed before attending EquiTouch® 101/2 - $49.95
(includes $5 shipping/handling).
more info

Order Equine Anatomy Home Study Course online

EquiTouch® 101/2
On-site Equine Massage and anatomy course: nine days of educational lectures and individualized hands-on instruction for a total of 150 hours of training (includes credit for completion of EquiTouch® Primer 1). more info

Fee: $300 registration/processing fee plus $1395 class fee - This price includes all required curriculum, handouts, and use of classroom materials. Travel, meals, and lodging are not included. Many of our students decrease expenses by sharing lodging and rental car expenses. We are happy to connect you with each other, so you can make this type of arrangement.

Prerequisite: Completion of EquiTouch® Primer 1
(Equine Anatomy Home Study Course).

Application Form: Click on the link below to to display an application in interactive PDF form. Complete the form online then print and mail to:
Maritza Meurer
Equitouch Systems
35655 US Hwy 287
Virginia Dale, CO 80536-8963 USA

Apply for EquiTouch® 101/2

EquiTouch® 103 - Equine Deep Tissue & Advanced Massage continues your studies in equine anatomy and the physiological structure, as well as advanced massage techniques. EquiTouch® 103 includes a discussion of the equine fore and hind limbs and possible lameness issues presented by various clinicians and veterinarians who are experts in their field.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the EquiTouch® 150-hour Equine Massage Certification course. EquiTouch® 103 graduates receive credit for 50 hours additional training.

Order EquiTouch® 103 Online

DFS 101 (Directed Field Study 101) - This course is our all new 50-hour Directed Field Study which you can complete at home via correspondence. No need to come to Colorado! In short, DFS 101 offers you an in-depth, personalized educational opportunity without requiring you to attend formal classes.

Pre-Requisite: Must have completed EquiTouch 101/102.

Basic Overview - DFS 101 is designed to give you the opportunity to work closely with EquiTouch instructors through correspondence while working with several horses of your choice. We have carefully constructed this program to reach above and beyond the standard educational format offered via home study.

The primary goal of DFS 101 is to help you gain more confidence in your knowledge base and in your work with horses. DFS 101 gives you an opportunity to work on your skill levels and receive an extended education without the need for a formal classroom setting.

Through correspondence with your assigned instructor, you will receive help with each of the selected horses and its issues, especially as regards scheduling of regular massage sessions, conditioning protocol, training regimen, etc. for the benefit of the horse overall. You will also benefit from receiving your instructor's input regarding suggested techniques, strokes, research topics, self-study and more. Thus, this course will literally evolve to fit you, as an individual!

DFS 101 is designed for your success! We firmly believe that working with this program will help you increase your equine skills and continue your progress with equine massage. DFS 101 will help you and your instructor learn where you are with your foundation today and how to help build you a path to better skills, thinking, and knowledge that will increase your abilities tomorrow.

DFS 101 is an entirely unique correspondence course that is personally designed to fit you and the horses you involve in the study. Don't miss this exceptional course! Sign up for DFS 101 today to be well on your way to improving your skills and your knowledge of the horse.

Course Fee: Currently, the fee for DFS 101 is $350 plus S&H. This price may go up in the future once we learn how much time each instructor may need to invest in helping students complete the course criteria, in research and in basic correspondence.

Order EquiTouch® DFS 101 Online

For more about EquiTouch® equine massage therapy
please contact us at 1-970-420-0169 or
email to: EquiTouch Systems® Inc.