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Crystal Formation Terms and Beliefs

Barnacle crystal - Crystals of this type are partially covered with smaller crystals. There can be a number of smaller crystals near the base (this type is also called an "abundance crystal" whose function is to attract wealth and abundance into your life). Or, the barnacle crystal can have numerous tiny crystals completely covering one or several sides or faces of the crystal, sometimes giving a drusy appearance.
Healing beliefs - The large or host crystal is said to be the "old soul" that attracts the younger crystals with its wisdom. It is believed this crystal will promote working together for a common purpose. It offers comfort after the loss of loved one and will help in healing the emotions of those who are bereaved.

Double Terminated Crystal - This type of crystal has a point at both ends. It is believed that double terminated crystals strengthen energy flow and have the ability to transmit or receive energy from both ends.
Healing - Double terminated crystals are especially useful when you want to exchange or share energy with another being and are a very important crystal to those who do healing or energy work. Metaphysical beliefs - From a metaphysical or "new age" viewpoint, they are believed to useful for alignment, perseverance, patience, protection, dreaming, and astral projection.

Empathic Crystals - Crystals with minor to severe damage are called "empathic" crystals. The damage is generally found at the points or as small nicks or chips on the sides of the crystals.
Empathic crystals are often called "Empathic Warriors" because they have been mishandled during the mining operation, or have been abused through careless handling by crystal dealers. They are said to help promote empathy, compassion, kindness and understanding.
Healers believe empathic crystals pass on their healing energy and help one get through challenges or injury. They also believe these crystals can begin to help you change the things around you.
Empathic crystals are considered a good working crystal for use on oneself or for human clients or animals experiencing change, transition, feelings of loss, fear, or grief. They are considered especially useful on those who have been abused at any time. Empathic crystals also help balance yin (female) and yang (male) energies.

Elestial Crystal - This crystal has natural terminations over both its body and its faces. Some may appear to have a smoky hue or color.
Healing beliefs - Due to its resemblance to the human brain, it is believed that an elestial crystal can help repair damaged cells in the brain, help "rewire" damaged areas, and bring back new life. They are considered to be extremely powerful crystals to assist in healing and cleansing.

ET or Extraterrestrial - A fairly rare crystal with numerous terminations at one end and a single termination at the opposite end.
Healing - Used to bring in energy and increase physical vitality. Also used to help unify individuals or groups working together.
Metaphysical beliefs - These crystals are believed to be helpful in channeling guardian angels, space beings, or celestial beings.

Isis Crystal - A crystal with a five-sided face. Many believe this crystal amplifies feminine energy and helps put you in touch with your feminine side, be you male or female.

Healing - Believed to be extremely helpful in healing anything broken, whether body, spirit, mind, or emotions. This type of crystal is also believed to help ameliorate over-identification with the suffering of others. Therefore, it can be extremely protective for empaths, Reiki practitioners, or in energy work.

Japanese Law Twin - This extremely rare type of crystal is a true twinned crystal that has its twin points at a 90 degree angle to each other.

Key Crystal - A key crystal is recognized by an indentation somewhere on the crystal. The indentation is usually three to six-sided and becomes narrower the deeper it penetrates into the crystal.
Healing beliefs - Healers believe a key crystal can be used to unlock the doors to healing. They also say a key crystal can help to answer difficult questions and access "hidden" information.
Metaphysical beliefs - It is believed that holding this crystal during meditation will help you discover what is being hidden from you by your subconscious mind and that it will assist with eliminating illusion.

Record Keeper or Recorder - This crystal will have a triangular shaped symbol that appears to be either raised or engraved into one of its faces. In some crystals, the symbol may appear on more than one face. These symbols may also appear as a herring bone pattern on one or more faces.
The Record Keeper is believed to hold the knowledge and wisdom of the universe. This knowledge is considered to be ancient and contain the profound secrets of the higher consciousness. It is also believed that one must have a pure heart and an open mind to access this knowledge.
The Record Keeper is also believed to be an excellent "memory keeper." It is suggested that you keep a record keeper with you while attending classes or taking an exam as it will assist with memory and help you stay focused and grounded.

Self healed Crystal - These crystals may be a partial or a complete crystal that has become severed from its cluster group or original matrix. While still in the ground, the crystal has continued to grow new crystal over the area that was damaged, thus in effect healing itself. Some of these crystals may have several healed areas on their surfaces.
Healing beliefs - This crystal is believed to be a powerful healer and can also aid in self-healing, be the damage physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. It is believed to be exceptionally suited for those who have experienced strong emotional trauma or issues.

Single Terminated Crystal - a crystal with a point at only one end; the base may be flat or irregular, or even partially terminated.

Time Line Crystals - These crystals have either a time line to the future, or a time line to the past.
Time line to the future - A crystal with a time line to the future has a rectangular face that is leaning to the right. It is believed that these crystals can access information from the future.
Time line to the past - This crystal will have a rectangular face that is leaning to the left. It is believed that these crystals can access information from the past.

Twinned, a.k.a. Tantric crystal - This is a crystal that has two points on a common base. In a true twinned crystal, both points are exactly parallel to each other and there is no line or boundary between them. Many double crystals are mistakenly called twins, however double crystals are simply two crystals that are attached to each other and you will note a division line between them.
Healing belief - Many believe that a twinned crystal can help generate positive energy toward healing a relationship or the emotions. It is believed that a twin with a "rainbow" can be very helpful for projecting healing energy into a troubled friendship or romantic partnership.

Coming soon: The following terms are still being researched and their descriptions will be expanded shortly.

Bridge Crystal
Channeling Crystal
Dow Crystal
Faden Lined Crystal
Manifestation Crystal
Merlin Crystal (generator crystal)
Natural Smoky Crystal
Rainbow Crystal
Tabular or "Tabby" Crystal
Window Crystal

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