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Setting the Standard in Equine Massage

EquiTouch® 101/2
On-site Equine Massage course: nine full days of educational lectures and individualized hands-on instruction. You will be awarded a certificate for completion of 150 hours total training that includes credit for your completion of the EquiTouch® Equine Anatomy Studies Primer (Pr.1 - Home Study Course).

This class examines the equine musculoskeletal anatomy, including origin and insertion of major muscle groups. As a student, you receive intensive instruction and work in massage theory and technique, use of strokes, and numerous hours of therapeutic massage practice on horses. You will participate in case studies and discussions following hands-on work. You will also receive training and lectures in the following:

Fee: $300 registration/processing fee plus $1395 class fee - This price includes all required curriculum, handouts, and use of classroom materials. Travel, meals, and lodging are not included. Many of our students decrease expenses by sharing lodging and rental car expenses. We are happy to connect you with each other so you can make this type of arrangement.

Prerequisite: EquiTouch® Equine Anatomy Studies Primer (Pr.1 - Home Study Course).

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