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Setting the Standard in Equine Massage

Susan Mazlum has a Diploma in Animal Care from the School of Animal Science and earned her Training Specialist Certificate from Colorado State University. Susan is one of the top instructors in equine massage and anatomy. She has over 40 years experience competing and working with horses. Susan has worked as a professional equine physical trainer with superior skills and experience in the old fashioned "rub down," equine massage, leg work, and reconditioning. Susan currently specializes in the fields of equine body work, rehabilitation, remedial training, and reconditioning. She has training and experience in human massage therapy and is the author of the Equine Anatomy Studies Primer as well as several articles on equine anatomy and massage. Susan designed all of our classes and is the author of the corresponding curriculum. We're proud to note that our 150 hour program has been accepted for 3 semester hours of "externship" credit by several accredited colleges and universities.

Shirley Eubanks is a graduate of EquiTouch® Pr.1, Eq. 101 and Eq. 102 with extensive additional training to fulfill her role as a teaching consultant. Shirley holds Bachelors degrees in both Education and Special Education, along with a Masters in Reading and certified training in Dyslexia. With over twelve years experience in education, Shirley also has expertise in curriculum development. She joined our staff as a consultant in 1998.

Shirley owns both Tenessee Walking Horses and Morgans and has experience riding and showing both breeds. She's worked extensively both for and with a prominent Morgan Horse trainer, served as a co-leader of the Rocky Mountain Morgan Youth Group and a Board member of the Continental Divide Morgan Horse Association. Shirley's association memberships included the Am. Horse Shows Association (AHSA), Am. Morgan Horse Association (AMHA), and the Tennessee Walking Horse Association (TWHA).

"… Instructors are highly competent. They know what they are teaching and can answer any questions regarding not only therapy but horse maintenance, stretching, running a business in massage therapy, and succeeding in that business. … The best thing about EquiTouch® Systems is that they want you to succeed. They truly care about their students and about horses." Kim Edner, Emergency Medical Technician

Suzie Fletcher-Baker, Qualified Master Saddler is a consultant on our staff and has taught the English Saddle Fitting portion of our course for the past three years. She is a certified member of the Society of Master Saddlers in England. Suzie began her training in saddlery at the age of 13, working with Ken Langford (twice president of the Society of Master Saddlers) on weekends and holidays. At 16, she quit school to go to college in London. She graduated college with City & Guilds in Rural Saddlery and a diploma in Lorrinary (the study of bits and metals pertaining to the saddlery industry). After returning to Ken Langford to continue her apprenticeship, Suzie was offered the opportunity to study harness making with William Turner, the Queen of England's harness maker at that time. She subsequently earned the honor of being a member of a three person team involved in the refurbishing of many sets of State harness, the most famous of which is a six-in-hand set used to pull the Lord Mayors Coach. Suzie then returned to her apprenticeship with Ken Langford for another two years before going on to work with E.J. Wicks in Lambourn to learn about racing saddlery.

In 1994, having worked on saddlery for the pleasure rider and on to the Queen of England's harness (including the Queen's own sidesaddle that she used each year for the Trouping of the Colors), Suzie applied to become a Master Saddler. In 1995, the board for the Society of Master Saddlers awarded Suzie the prestigious title of Master Saddler.

Within the Society of Master Saddlers there are the titles of Qualified Saddler, Saddle Maker, Bridle Maker, Master Harness Maker, and Master Saddler, the latter being a Master of all the above. Master Saddler is therefore the highest qualification a saddler can achieve.

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