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Setting the Standard in Equine Massage


From the beginning we incorporated a strong Code of Ethics and a Quality Improvement policy into our classes. Thus our classes and instruction have evolved and changed over the years to meet student needs and expectations. For the future we will continue to ensure the highest quality in our educational materials, curriculum, and guest speakers, as well as our instructors. Our focus is on you, as a student, the well-being of your horses and ensuring that you receive top-quality instruction.

Certification backed by superior education and standards

Once you have completed the prerequisite Equine Anatomy Studies Primer followed by the nine-day Eq. 101/102 onsite class, you'll receive certification for completion of 150 hours training through EquiTouch® Systems. This certificate verifies that you have successfully completed our 150 hours required study, classroom work, hands-on practical application and testing in our onsite program in equine massage.

However, it is important for you to remember that a certificate in equine massage is not a legal document and does not confer licensure or a "degree" on the recipient. Remember that any program can pronounce you "certified" as long as you spend the required time in their course, even those who offer "certification" via total home study.

Therefore a certificate acknowledging your achievement is only as good as the reputation, quality and educational commitment of the onsite program you attend.

EquiTouch® Systems' classes are unique and our reputation for quality is unsurpassed. We are recognized around the country for our excellent instruction, educational materials and our use of written and practical testing to validate your studies and your educational achievement.

For more about EquiTouch® equine massage therapy
please contact us at 1-970-420-0169 or
email to: EquiTouch Systems® Inc.