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Setting the Standard in Equine Massage

The EquiTouch® Systems' difference is Excellence! We offer a equine massage therapy course of superior quality. Before you consider attending any other course read what our graduates from coast to coast have to say!

These are actual testimonials we've received in writing. If you are serious about attending an equine massage course and wish to speak with one of our graduates directly, please give us a call.

I'm grateful! Her class taught me some of my foundational resorces that I continue to go back to daily. I have continued my education since and have always appreciated her love of muscle tissue and how the equine body is connected. She actually made learning anatomy fun! Thank you, Susan.

"I cannot imagine a more in-depth, comprehensive course of study in Equine Massage Therapy than the combination 101/102 courses taught by EquiTouch®. Susan Mazlum and the other instructors are some of the equine industry's top-notch experts. How wonderful to have access to such talent without having to travel all over the United States.
No matter your background, what you put into this course - you get back ten times over!" - Jan Clark, Texas

"I was very excited going into the class. Once I started the program I was not disappointed. The program was very well organized and the materials studied and learned were very appropriate for people wanting to learn how to massage horses. I thought that working on the different breeds and types of use of the horse was extremely beneficial. It helped give me a broader perspective into the world of horses. I found all of the instructors to be highly professional in their fields. The whole experience was educational and very positive. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in equine massage …" - Reta Bennett, Minnesota

"My experience at EquiTouch® Systems has been everything I hoped for and much more. I never expected to learn so much in such a short period of time. The course has been extremely thorough and informative. The variety of instructors and hands-on experience made this class much more effective than I anticipated. Being able to see multiple techniques and ideas really broadened our education and helped us more easily build our own techniques and ideas …. Thank You." - Aleta Copestakes, California

"I feel this class was a great experience and I learned a great deal about equine massage. These past ten days have been a wonderful learning experience and filled with knowledge. I would highly recommend EquiTouch® to anyone looking into Equine massage or equivalent field of equine science." - Jessica Inkrott, Ohio

"This course was very educational in every aspect. There were so many things that I had no idea about and EquiTouch® informed me. I have never been to a course with as much hands-on experience like you receive at Equitouch®. I think all of the hands-on experience was really beneficial in learning the proper way to use your strokes as well as how to handle and read what the animal wants and does not want. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the anatomy of horses and the proper massage strokes to use. I enjoyed every minute of the course and learned so much that will be with me forever …" - Loni Story

"Taking this class was the best decision I've ever made. It met all my expectations and then some. The course materials are wonderfully written and stay with the flow of the class. The instructors are all great. They were very knowledgeable in their fields and I learned a lot from each one. Just the fact that there were different instructors was great! I feel you can learn a great deal more from a lot of people that specialize than just one person who knows a little bit of everything. I also like the fact that everyone has made themselves available for questions and such after we are done with class. What a valuable tool to already have in your back pocket - a great start to a networking group!
"Thank you Sue … for developing a wonderful course and spreading your knowledge to those of us who care about these beautiful creatures. In your teaching, I've seen that you truly care!! It makes a definite difference." - Tiffini Lowe, Texas

"Excellent course – grounded in solid anatomy as well as in plenty of hands-on work. Nice blend of the two very important aspects of a course of this nature. I feel plenty of emphasis has been placed on understanding the horse from a structural⁄muscular standpoint as well as development of touch skills that work together to create a well-balanced program … I highly recommend this program. The instructors … have been extremely knowledgeable as well as down to earth and friendly, creating an environment that is both educational and comfortable … to learn in …" - Monte Michener, CMT

"My experience with EquiTouch® has been outstanding. I was impressed with the quality of training insofar as "hands-on" massage and with the overall knowledge that I gained regarding the skeletal/muscular structure of the horse. In my opinion, this knowledge is invaluable in terms of understanding the overall concept of massage therapy and preventative maintenance in that it makes both the theory and practice of massage much more logical and easy to learn." - Joyce Johnson, Attorney, Missouri

"I thought the course was excellent. The printed material was great and well prepared…The course exceeded my expectations. My only negative comment (if any) was that it was too short, i.e., I want to come back for an advanced class. Thanks for a wonderful course…" - Jeff Moore, Farrier, Oregon

"… Instructors are highly competent. They know what they are teaching and can answer any questions regarding not only therapy but horse maintenance, stretching, running a business in massage therapy, and succeeding in that business. … The best thing about EquiTouch® Systems is that they want you to succeed. They truly care about their students and about horses." Kim Edner, Emergency Medical Technician

For more about EquiTouch® equine massage therapy
please contact us at 1-970-420-0169 or
email to: EquiTouch Systems® Inc.